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        In light of the extraordinary and highly dynamic global scenario resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, ONE is monitoring all fresh developments and adjusting our response to the prevailing conditions on a real time basis.

        Our primary consideration is always the protection of the health and safety of our employees and the wider communities in which we operate.

        By protecting everyone through constant diligence & compliance, we aim to keep the global maritime supply chain flowing with minimal disruption as we together strive to recover back to normalization.

        Please refer to the relevant section of our suite of customer advisories for a specific insight into how to best interact with ONE staff, the status of depot and terminal operations, information on any disruptive service issues and other related updates.

        For further support and insight into the dynamic scenarios the COVID-19 situation is causing in relation to containerized maritime transport, please do not hesitate to contact your ONE representative.

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        Vietnam USA India
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        New Zealand
        鄢颇被砍Sri Lanka
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